What the heck is Constellation Ink?

Glad you should ask! Constellation Ink is a monthly card and postcard box subscription, currently running in beta mode. At the moment, there are two options— Stationery Box, a mix of cards and postcards and Postcard box, a collection of curated postcards. Each kit contains five, mailbox-ready pieces with appropriate postage for each card or postcard. Try out one box or sign up for 6 months (and save some monies with your subscription).

Through the end of 2018, Constellation Ink will be running a limited availability pilot! Subscribers will be asked for feedback, suggestions, and other comments, and have the opportunity to take part in special incentive and reward programs.

The kits may evolve throughout the next 6 months, but subscribers can be assured to receive the 5 pieces of mail and appropriate postage throughout the duration of the pilot. 

Getting mail makes people happy! Constellation Ink is here to make connecting offline easy, stylish, and simple one box per month. We're all in this together so isn't it time we let our friends and family know we're thinking of them with a glorious, thoughtful, modernish/vintageish (sometimes hilarious) postage-stamped piece of mail?